Anoushiravan Ghamsari

Analyze of Anoushirvan Ghamsari in two steps: first his place in architecture and next his accomplishments in combining architecture and civil engineering.They are both consistent with each other, despite he is always known for his place as a architect and an outstanding teacher and has been effective in its academic performance at saint Petersburg and his unique style. Anoushirvan has his own place and his fruits of labor are many and each has an important place in our community’s architecture. Every architect has showed a huge amount of struggle to distinguish architecture as a quintessential art with an addressee and not just building. Anoushirvan has made his status, the frontier of architecture and our community owes heavily to his presence for his daring and compelling work ethics and his hard work. However, his struggle is the main part of his work. He is creative and added parts to architecture that no one has ever added. His creativity and forwardness are his offspring.